Friday, May 21, 2010

"They shoot haters of Mexican soaps, don't they?"

The rains have me reaching home way too early and stumbling across all sorts of shows being aired on our local channels. And all have the ability to act on me like a hole in the head; so indulge me as i rant & rave about all things television.

Mexican soap fans are currently in Tv heaven; all they have to do is sit back & channel surf to their heart's content. And that's cool, if it's your thing but let's just make sure that for peace sakes, I'm not watching any of it with you. Things will go real bad, real quick due to my inability to keep my wise ass comments to myself. Seriously.

I'll sigh "Oh, brother," and "Yeah, we get the picture," at every long winded declaration of love. Then there will be a Maria or Isabella wailing (trust me, these girls wail not cry) every 10 minutes, which will force me to quip in concern, "Maria, don't you ever get dehydrated from all the crying? Seriously girl, that can't be good for the skin,"

You'll shoot daggers at me and that will shut me up for a while, except Alejandro (or is it Antonio??) is now crying and for some reason that bugs me more than Maria's wail, so much so, that to destruct myself, I tap you on the arm and ask politely, "Say, what's with the hot dudes unbuttoning their shirts all the way down to the navel?... I'm just asking!!!"

By this time you're so majorly pissed, you'll happily lend a machete to my head. And we don't want that do we?


A quick comment in regard to KTN's Changing times:

First off, the tom boy & her BFF were the first to grab my attention and the romantic in me hopes that theirs, will be an interesting story. Secondly, I love the guy who puts together the show's tunes (he's got a lovely eclectic ear) BUT here's the thing; if I'm constantly coming back to my couch after the commercial break and can't remember where you left off, you're in BIG trouble.

So please have the head writer/creator re-examine her script; DO get a team of cool writers to work with her, now work up a creatively spectacular brainstorm and give us the revamped script ASAP before we keel over from boredom or simply shrug & wander off.

Fyi, team changing times: Vampire diaries piqued my interest at episode # 5 (but i confess Damon was majorly responsible for keeping me entertained on my journey to that episode n.o 5)...then they kept anteing it up episode after I'm hooked. So you see, you guys can still turn things around. And I'm a hopeful gal who believes Jennifer Gatero (that's her name yes?) has potential and with time, she can be our very own Shonda Rhimes.

In the meantime, I'll stick to my usual faves (highly recommended by yours truly in the links below).

And oh, N Tv's now showing Gossip girl. KTN, you're sooo R.I.P aren't you? You have my heartfelt condolences.

I'm curious; what exactly are safcom's safis meant to be species wise?...
Come on guys, you can tell me, I'm quite comfy with the vamps, werewolves, elves & all other supes so it's not like my eyes will pop out in disbelief if you tell me who they are. The Skiza one (my only fave, coz it makes me smile) strangely reminds me of
pilipili hohos (or a similar looking veggie) dancing to daddy yankee. Mr.Thick lips is kinda creepy, but he sure can move, no?

We're all loving the new freedom from thirst Sprite Commercial aren't we? I know my mind's eye's having a field day with that one :-)

Thought of the day:
"In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards"
Clearly, Mr. Mark Twain had not encountered the Kenyan politician.

Mob wendos,



  1. hahaha Quite a read. I so hear you on Mexican Soaps. What's with all the wailing? And betrayals and revenges?

  2. :-) I have no idea. I think they have some unwritten rule where everything (including something as simple as sipping tea) has to be over-the-top dramatic in a life or death way...bizarre if you ask me. Hope life's treating you kindly yes?

  3. Yep #life. I'm not complaining. I prefer to live sunny side up.