Wednesday, March 31, 2010

"Hip hip chin chin & a blessed Easter"

Club Des Beluga's Hip hip chin chin is currently playing in my head and it just won't stop. You should see me do my thing; In my mind's eye no one can samba with the tushie stuck to a chair like i do. Hell, I'm actually enjoying working on a cold, wet Thursday morning...
A difficult client wants to send dastardly e-mails in red, caps & with lots of heart stopping exclamation marks? breathe...count to ten (without swearing)...hip hip chin chin...and smile.
A colleague wants to be a tool to a point of tempting me into giving her the evil eye? Just hip hip chin chin, Nyamz.


'Coz today is technically a Friday and not just your kawa Friday; we're talking of a Friday that will be followed by four days of no work, no school, no mandatory routines. OK, so I'll be working on one of those days, but I've still got three days of endless possibilities yes?

Speaking of endless possibilities, should the rains lock you indoors, do not despair or sulk. Here are some deliciously addictive samplings to accompany the hot chocolates, herbal teas, Irish coffees, khat, vodkas & brandies:

Sons of Anarchy: Some years back, i turned to and counted on Deadwood & Sopranos to take care of my appetite for addictive, nicely executed, bad ass entertainment. With both TV shows gone, i now rely on Sons of Anarchy (thanks R for dishin' it out to me). This is a show about an outlaw motorcycle club (the phrase alone has my BP shooting up by several mm Hg's) whose members are a brotherhood that is into some serious gun running and it has me hooked. Their women are just as bad ass (case in point: in one of the episodes, their matriarch, calmly picks up a skateboard, walks up to her hubby's one night stand & slams it into her face in broad daylight!) and oh, you get to feast your eyes & imagination on lots & lots of Harleys too. Need I say more?

Grey's Anatomy: So it's not exactly a new show. But i previously avoided it simply because i was tired of watching yet another medical drama. Except Grey's, is not just another medical drama and It has all the fun ingredients; A pinch of humor here & there? check. well-written dialogue, delivered just as brilliantly? check. Story lines that keep me coming back for more? check. A female lead who's strong, flawed & vulnerable? check (Meredith). Ballsy female characters that you're terrified of but hopelessly in love with? check (Cristina & Dr. Bailey a.ka The Nazi). A bad boy who makes your toes curl? check (Dr. McSteamy). Characters you love to roll your eyes at? check (George & Izzy). And of course, there's that male character (read: Dr. McDreamy) that makes the bitchiest, most hardened of us swoon. Also as a bonus, the show's got great tunes you'd want on your i pod (especially if you're into sampling cool tunes that hardly ever get main stream radio airplay). What more could a girl ask for, from 40 minutes of solid entertainment?

Vampire diaries: When they announced they'd make a Vamp show based on LJ Smith's books...i got all iffy. Don't get me wrong, the books (I've read The awakening, the struggle, the fury & the reunion) are way more sumptuous than the twilight saga. But the thing is, I'm already in love with the gloriously nutty True blood. So sampling a vamp show of the teen variety sounded more like asking someone to try the green salad when they've already sunk their teeth into nice nyam chom. BUT I'm happy to report this show ain't no green salad. The storyline is engrossing, fast paced and peppered with the creepy crawlies & cool tunes in all the right places. Elena can hold her own against nasty vampires & the other characters (the human ones, that is) are just as interesting. Then there is that's a deliciously terrifying guy. And deliciously terrifying is goooood.

NB: For those who are into supernatural shows & think True blood is too far-out a vamp show, then vampire diaries is the vamp show for you.

Also try out the below book (but not while under the influence of khat or any alcoholic sippy me on this one)

The Outsiders by S E Hinton: A beautifully moving story about the turf wars between two rival groups; The Greasers (the have nots) and The Socs (the haves), narrated in first person by Pony boy, a 14 yr old greaser. The book may be a YA (young adult) classic, but the book's timeless themes of friendship, hope & of social classes and the destruction such small minded distinctions bring to a society will be appreciated by older readers. For those who are into quick reads, you'll love this book 'coz the story is not tediously woven. This is a must-have on one's book shelf.

OK, back to work. Have a fab & blessed Easter all...
hip hip chin chin...

Mob wendos,



  1. Hip Hip, Chin Chin? LoL! The Outsiders sounds like fun to read. Ama look for it when my busy schedule eases up. . .

    Am keeping a wide berth from anything vampire related. I already got disgusted by my better quater's obsession with Twilight - shes read all the books, watched all the movies - that has caused a MAJOR rift in this ka relationship of ours... I just dont understand fantasy romance.

    Hope you had a fun Easter weekend though...

  2. Hey stranger :-) Outsiders is awesome; you'll definitely love it. Better quarter huh? I'm curious; why a quarter? Well, for me, Twilight sucked. both the books & especially the movies ( though i found Taylor Lautner delicious).Vampire diaries is nothing remotely like Twilight (thank Goodness); hell my BFF (who's of the boy variety) loves it too, and he's all butch no?...i guess i prefer female characters who've got a spot of sass, can take care of themselves even when flying solo & don't obsess about their significant others to a point of idiocy...which is why i love Grey's Anatomy so much...

    n e ways, The Sci-fi & Fantasy genres are not for everyone,so i won't hold it against you:-) I have friends who look at me funny coz i love supernatural,Heroes & smallville. And those are pretty mellow shows.Hard Core Tv shows like True Blood freak most people out so i'm a bit careful who i recommend them to.

    Have a beautiful weekend, cheers.

  3. Refreshing and interesting read. Got your link from Willpress.

  4. @ Shiko: Thanks gal, and welcome back anytime. Dropped by your blog; loved it :-)

    @ Will press: Thanks for your heads up to Shiko, you're a man after my heart