Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"The world's not waiting...and why should it?"

As a general rule of thumb, i avoid (and occasionally fail) getting into debates regarding politics & religion with anyone. No matter how much fun they promise to be.

Yes, I'm one of those people who opts to sit back, smile politely and throw in the occasional food for thought as i watch people passionately slug it out.


Because not only does everyone (especially yours truly) stubbornly hold onto their opinion, but in their mind they've already decided that everyone else of a different opinion is certifiably insane...

So such hearty debates sometimes get volatile, especially if fueled by alcohol (ever noticed how you feel supremely intelligent after a few sippy sippies?); buddies will exchange harsh words, chests will be painfully jabbed, punches will be thrown and on one occasion, I've seen a kitchen knife drawn (by a very polite AND sober chick) in the name of stressing a religious point (fyi, both parties were Christians).

So i won't discuss the draft constitution. But i can tell you 03 things:

1) I've been reading (aaaand still reading) it in bits & pieces (in no particular order) 'coz i need to see & understand what the fuss is about. And boy, it's not the most interesting read. It reminds me of my high school days where reading & understanding Fasihi & mashairi was such a frustrating process, it made my eyes smart. Case in point:

"A person who is detained or held in custody is entitled to petition for an order of habeas corpus"

Note i don't speak a word of latin, but i do thank the power of the almighty goggle (how on earth did i ever survive without it?). when i first saw habeas corpus, i had visions of Asterix & Obelix in rome. True story.

And that's just for starters. There's also stuff like:

"...A state of emergency may be declared only under Article 132 (4) (d) and only when- "

And more points are jotted down for your perusal...Now watch me scrambling back to Article 132 'coz i can't remember what it said...There was a bloody point (d) ???! ....and to think I'm only at page 44 with roughly 164 pages (of the above) to go (sigh).

BUT I've had GREEEAT fun visualizing a perfect world where Nyamz could get away with bitch-slapping our cops with the rights of arrested persons. I swear, in my mind's eye, I can almost hear them cops shake in their boots...and if i pause just a bit then go, "BOO!" i see them keeling over in fright :-)

2) I've encountered individuals so annoying, they've made it to the top of my pet peeves list in record speed. Below were a few of my pet peeves:

These are the small minded individuals who walk around throwing their hate smeared two cents in the name of making a stand. What majorly pisses me about these guys is, when I calmly ask one of them to break it down for me by indicating/highlighting/underlining which bit of the clause they have a problem with, they give me a blank look then proudly announce that they have not read any portion of the current or draft constitution! But they have a problem with it because someone else has a problem with it...Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

3) We are a nation that not only dwells too much on the differences we have as people of diverse backgrounds, but also one that is yet to learn from history. Hence we're running in circles and so missing the big picture. Again.

So come on people, THINK! Even (and especially) on an individual level, paint that picture of the future with great the conjure it up to life. We can do it & it will be worth it. And people, if we don't, the joke's on us. And someone, somewhere will keep on capitalizing, laughing & toasting to our inability to move forward...evolve into something more awesome. And no, you can't blame the devil or the western world on this one.

The saddest fact is, whether we get it or not, the world and most importantly time, keeps moving on and wouldn't be bothered. It owes us nothing; it was here first.

Mob wendos,



  1. Luvin ur blog.totally not relent in ur bloggin endeavours.much wendo!

  2. Many heart-felt thanks and i'm taking your advice to heart. Mob wendos :-)