Sunday, June 24, 2012

Nyambura, go the F**k to sleep.

See, it is fifteen minutes past midnight and I still can't sleep. I went to bed an hour ago but all I can do is toss and turn. Counting fluffy sheep didn't help.
Truth be told, sleepless nights like this are not alien to me and they do not bother me...Much.
True, I'm so going to be in trouble five hours from now when the muezzin in the nearby mosque calls.
 I'll hit the snooze button thrice, grumpily shower and dress up, skip breakfast and rush to the office where I'll do the zombie shuffle till mid morning.
But there is something about the stillness and alone-ness of midnight that I find enchanting. It is the one time of day that I thoroughly enjoy retreating into my mind. Everything for me feels heightened; the silence is louder, the stars are brighter, the monsters under the bed seem spookier, the cold bites and I can taste every subtle nuance of the emotions stirring within...
So I'll pick a book and read or watch re-runs of my fave shows, reflect some or brood as I scribble and doodle in my notebook till I drift off.
Tonight I roll out of bed, grab a duvet and patter to the living room, throwing it on the couch before heading to the kitchen. I pour myself a bowl of cereal, chop up a banana, throw in the slices, cover it all up with warm milk and voila: a tasty midnight snack.
 My mind is too dog tired to read (I'm currently reading 03 books:  A dance with dragons by George R.R. Martin, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald and Fearless fourteen by Janet Evanovich) and the best it can do is muse idly while unwinding...
Armed with my snack, I settle in the couch tightly wrapped up in my duvet and start watching re-runs of Friday night lights; the only show to ever make me tear up in recent times. To me, it will always be a timeless, achingly beautiful classic.  It was not every one's cup of tea -if your attention span is abysmal or gravitates towards the adrenaline-pumping, jaw dropping dramatic, then you won't be able to sit through an entire episode of FNL much less watch all the five, sublime seasons.

I could ramble on and give you a detailed review, but the hour is ungodly and I'm worried my review won't do the show justice so I won't. However, if you're into soulful stories that are character driven, awesomely written and have heart, then by all means add the show to your must-watch tubey list. But first, do watch and savour this FNL trailer; a beautifully poignant montage that captures everything I loved about this show...

Clear eyes. Full hearts. Can't lose.

Mob Wendos,


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stuff that makes me smile on a cold, Saturday morning...

I'm heading to the office and it is 0730 hrs when we pass by Traffic police headquarters.
Directly across its entrance is a Flora toilet roll billboard facing away from Nairobi Hospital. On it is this young chap in a white vest, wearing a crown...aaand he's taking a dump in the loo. The guy has this Urm-I-think-I-can-feel-one-coming expression on his face and it is simply hilarious.
The fact that my mind is replaying memories of certain storytellers, who shall remain nameless (I never said it was Ziggy!) narrating to me...nay, acting out the craziest bathroom tales is not helping me keep a straight face (fyi, I'm in a matatu).
The caption at the top reads: 'Comfort fit for a king.'
Now I never even knew there was a brand of Toilet roll called Flora and I don't think I'll buy it when I do see it. What I can bet on, is that it will always make me think of the 'King'. And the thought of him will leave me smiling.

Here's to a lovely weekend.  

Mob wendos,