Thursday, August 26, 2010

A spot of whatnots

No matter how baffling or short sighted our school of thought -as Kenyans- can sometimes be, we do have moments when we do redeem ourselves... show a flash of brilliance here and there...

Case in point: Last evening, i was in the middle of a beautiful stand off at our mat stage. The touts were at it again; charging insane amounts of bus fare and blaming it on heavy traffic...only this time, we were having none of it:

The touts and stage attendants confidently announced, "Fifty bob Mater-Hazina!"

Those with the inability to visualize and get the big picture scrambled to get in while the majority of us hang back. I took the opportunity to appreciate the sky with its spectacular shades of blue and streaks of gold
(oh, the places a sunset can nudge the imagination to go to...sigh)

"Fifty bob Mater-Hazina!!"

The remaining crowd stayed put and watched the mats stream in and line up.

"FIIIIFTY BOB MATER-HAZINA!!" they screamed.

We coolly stared back.

"Forty bob Mater-Hazina?" The touts offered. By this time, they were looking pretty distressed; almost hyperventilating as the imaginary end-of-day tuskers (previously envisioned as they estimated the day's bonuses) poofed out of their heads at a rather alarming rate.

We stared back some more...

And they caved in. The sight was simply priceless (not to mention comical). While paying forty percent over and above the normal fare (without prior notice) may not seem a big deal to some people, the stand off was our way of saying -as one massive unit- we won't be jerked around just cause we seem powerless, so help us God. Now if only we could keep it up...
Song still stuck in my head: It has to be "Love the way you lie" by Eminem & Rihanna. It's beautifully haunting; you feel the pain, the anger and a hopelessness that's a touch unhinged. The song gives me the goosebumps, gets beneath my skin and tags at them dark and twisties...totally awesome...and so on my play list.

Fave movie of the year: It's been months since i last went to the movies and I'm thrilled i went back just in time to catch Inception. Twice. (sorry Che, i couldn't wait. It's the morbid curiosity you see).

Yes, twice. And yes, it's that freaking awesome; an instant classic. The first time i went to watch it, i felt like someone had IVed a double espresso into my brain. I was even scared to blink, in case i missed something
(and trust me, there will be moments where you will gawk and go like "What the bloody hell just happened??!!!) . Then i went to watch it a second time; this time to just leisurely soak it all in... If you looooved The Matrix, then you'll eat this one up.

Annoying people you will meet at the theater:
This girl who kept loudly complaining to the boyfriend, "I don't get has lots of fiction..."

Girl, what were you expecting? Seriously. It's a sci-fi movie about dreams...Sci-fi as in Science fiction? Google it up, see if you can wrap your mind around the concept THEN come watch the movie.

Fave inception quote? This guy Eames joins a gunfight, takes in his partner's fire power then quips smugly,

"You mustn't be afraid to dream a little bigger darling," And pulls out a bad ass grenade launcher.

Mob wendos,