Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday afty; girl just got paid…

1500 hrs: I’ve officially rendered myself useless for the remainder of the day…

Seriously, I’ve been trying all day to sit still at my desk and be productive-and failed miserably. And no, it has nothing to do with the caffeine.

Friday is my fave day of the week; no matter how stressful it gets, the anticipation for the weekend adds an extra spring to my step. Saturdays never live up (or down) to Friday’s expectations and come Sunday I’m sobering up to the harsh reality that is Monday.

But the most awesome Friday is the last Friday of the month (also known as pay day).

Now THAT is the stuff fantasies are made of. Right now, I’m feeling rich and its a beautiful feeling. Take this morning for example. I took a mat which ended up dropping me off one stage away from my usual stop. I had to walk the rest of the way arriving at the office 15 minutes later with feet looking like I had just trekked all over Damascus. And i did it with a smile on my face. Unbelievable, i know. And the smile changed to a mellowed out grin as i drudged through the e-mails in my office in-box without cursing or gesturing like crazy (now that i think about it, it would totally explain why my colleague was giving me a funny look, like i had taken some potent sippy sippys and i'm not talking about caffeinated kind)...

And now i'm about to finish my workday with such beautiful visions of lasagna, vodka, shopping sprees, disco lights in smoke filled rooms, choma, more vodka and yours truly being oh so deliciously up-to-no-good, I’m almost giddy. Sounds like the devil’s hot on my heels laughing himself silly. I know. And he is.

So me hearties, enjoy being fiiine, do some damage and here’s to Arthur!

Mob wendos,


PS: The Guinness ‘to Arthur’ Tv commercial is beautiful in its simplicity and the magic, l feel, lies in the way it aptly reminds us why beer is one of the coolest inventions ever


  1. Good read.

    I always like the early morning walk as it keeps me fit and like you, I wouldnt moan aboyut being dropped off a few blocks from Workland.

    To Arthur! Probably the best invention ever!

  2. Thanks Kid. You're one of those fitness buffs aren't you? well good for you, you've put the rest of us cavalier souls to shame...But i do remember to take my daily portion of veggies just like mum taught me. Do have a fab week

    PS: "When a man loves Auma" is pretty interesting reading...

  3. Hope you didnt blow away all the pay over the weekend as some of us did with relish.

    I see you are filling yourself up with veggies. As my dad used to say as he sipped his beer, there is no need to have the healthiest liver in the cemetery. Hopwe the veggies make you healthier though!

    Good week.

  4. The damage to the wallet was the greatest...and your dad is a very cool and wise man. We should drink to his health:-)

  5. Nice read I gat n it made ma day..... @ Kid that quote is one of the best ever.. I guess i gat a reason to have 4 today being official drinking day.