Saturday, July 11, 2009

You can't keep the sun down...

It sure is bright and beautiful outside, just what we need after a week that was all grey and chilly; goes to show you that on a Saturday, you just can’t keep the good old sun down…. You should see my feet; they are almost doing a jig; girl is fiiine and in the mood to do some damage...

On my way to work this morning I realized why I love cool billboards. They have the ability to make me smile and forget I’m caught up in traffic. And there’s nothing as entertaining as an imaginative T.V commercial either. So here’s a quick rundown of a few that are currently stuck on my mind:

The “Go on…enjoy an ice cold coke billboard: The girl is sexy, and you can see the sly gleam in her eye daring you on….Damn, and if you stare at her long enough, you can almost see her winking at you….Methinks, if I ever meet the devil (& I touch wood) he’ll be hot and holding an ice cold coke…

“What men want” Nivea billboard: The “for men whose day is an action movie” is a cool, attention grabbing catch phrase. Problem is, the men on it don’t look like they are in an action movie…it looks more like skipping over rain water puddles…Forgive me, maybe I’ve been watching too much Hugh Jackman and Vin diesel. But my idea of an action movie is lots of adrenaline pumping moments. So I had hoped for some xtreme-sportish looking guys rock climbing or something OR guys looking like they’re about to kick some serious butt…c'mon, we're in Africa after all; land of ‘machismo’

Jubliee insurance’s "relax,you've got a friend" billboard: You can almost see the quiet strength of the girl as she carries -piggyback style- the sleeping kid across that green field…it is simple yet adorable and moves you. and she wears that man's shirt pretty well doesn't she?

Nivea’s “Good bye to Cellulite” TV commercial: Okay ladies, admit it, you just want to smack those beautiful cheery Nivea girls don’t you? How dare they cheekily show off their perky little tushies! The nerve!
Notice how this commercial has a tendancy of showing up between 7pm-9.30 pm, right when you’ve settled down for supper/dinner? It always zaps me right when I’m contemplating on having that second helping of mukimo. Yet perfectly sculpted tushies or not, they are too cute to hate for long…

Sprite’s “freedom from thirst” TV commercial: Absolutely awesome. You can feel that heat, visualize that pool and soak in the feeling as you jump in and shoot underwater hoops. Now that’s a powerful & beautiful mirage.

That omo runaway chicken TV commercial: first off, the first few seconds of the commercial always get me coz i can't quite figure out if its the old lady cackling or the runaway hen. My problem with it is this; during my childhood, there was no way in hell my mum would see you covered in dirt, while in your school uniform, and smile. in my days, she'd hit the roof and give you an arse whooping then she'd check you for scraped knees, elbows etc. and if you had hurt yourself, she'd give you another beat down and proceed to wash your injuries with dettol or salt water...& you wouldn't dare cry out in pain...

Other recent TV commercials I miss dearly:

I haven’t caught a big fish yet sta soft commercial

A day in pictures Nokia commercial
That hilarious Durex commercial with all those teletubby-like 'guys' acting as sperms & chasing after the girl
Safaricom’s lamu boy selling eggs to get money for phone credit
Coca cola’s first Brrr commercial
The Bamboocha Fanta Commercial
Tusker's milele commercial
The girl advertising men’s underwear commercial (that was on CNN once upon a time)

They are so many memorable commercials that have made my days some dating as far back as the '94 world cup. Maybe I should compile a list...for another day that is…

Watched MJ’s memorial service this week and all I can say is, he may have been a touch odd but he sure touched and influenced the lives of many…and we shouldn’t lose sight of that fact. I loved his songs as a kid and I still love them today but I especially loved watching his live performances. They just blew my mind away…the best bit was when he was totally caught up in the moment, and he’d stomp his feet to the beat, shaking his hands….like the rhythm was too hot to handle…totally awesome. May he rest in eternal peace.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mob wendos,


PS: Hmmm…Will, I’m not sure we’re addicted to heartbreak… maybe just maybe, we just feel too much…and we’re not too good at reigning in those feelings. Hope all you had was just a ka-cold & not H1N1 bringing down its bad-hair-day woes on you.


  1. It wasn't a ka-cold. . .a bit worse, but at least not H1N1. . .

    That Nivea ad, i think those tushes are a bit too small for my liking. . .hehe but thats just me!

    Don't you just love the Stima Loan ad? Cute couple! And the dude in the Femiplan Condoms ad better win an Oscar. ..then the ad ntv brought to floss their new look - that Tombraider/Matrix chick, wah thats real hot! The worst ad of all time in Kenya ni ile ya HELB. . .irritating to the bone!

  2. I love this one, the talk about the Ad's but the best was the bit about MJ his songs touched me and till today i have to listen to a few of my favorite tracks from all his albums i will truly and always love MJ