Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The heart of a champ boxer

So she found out the truth about her Romeo, and got her heart chewed up and spit out…
It broke my heart to watch her cry and it made me mad ‘cause she deserves someone who can love her back…I could have shared with her a thing or two maybe three on the horrors of having your heart broken, just to show her she was not alone…but I didn’t think it would help much. Instead I swore colourfully, the 18th century pirates would have been so proud.
“Sweets,” I said. “It’s his loss. You’re young and fine and someone’s going to wise up to that fact. Now, let’s go get spectacularly smashed,”

And we did.

Best advice I ever got from a friend once upon a time: “Life hands you a lemon, grab some salt & tequila and call me up,” God, I miss the priceless bugger

I think most jamaas deal with heartbreak better than us ladies…no matter how much its’ killing them, they can walk into that sunset and not look back…It’s that pride, resolve and spirit that I admire the most. Reminds me of the heart of a world champ boxer; no matter how many times love knocks you down onto your arse, you get up, spit out blood and keep coming back again and again… ‘cause you figure, sooner or later, it has to get tired and you’ll have your moment no?

Food for thought:
Last night I was watching re-runs of One Tree Hill’s Season 3 (it’s a beautifully awesome show; I never mind watching it over and over again). The below dialogue got stuck in my head

Hailey: When did we start letting boys dictate our happiness?
Brooke: I was nine.

Bizarre statements of the week:
“…this is a mild case…hata haijauwa watu wengi,” quips our very own Beth Mugo as she reassures Kenyans that Swine Flu is not scary. Note the special relationship between mild and haijauwa watu wengi…Now sit back and envision the ‘calm’ these words will bring to us humble Kenyans…

But Alfred Mutua was not to be outdone, “….Muthaura has not gone on leave for over 10 yrs...i told him, maybe God is telling him to go on leave...,” I’m still trying to digest this one…feels like I’m digesting rocks.

Mob wendos,


PS: Will press, thanks. I’m still taking baby steps on the writing thing…and so far it’s fun. I checked out your blog and its legendary’. I felt like I had followed the white rabbit and fallen into this cool rabbit-hole…

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  1. Har har har...thanks for the mention. Legendary? Wah! Really flattered I am.

    Wait a minute! Okay we can take a heartbreak better than the ladies but the unfortunate thing is that its the ladies who are addicted to heartbreak, even more than that occasional chocolate. If I could put heartbreak in little red pills and sell that ish, I dare say I would be on the Forbes list by now...

    Am in Kisumu at the moment and the way Beth Mugo was flirting with semantics got me really worried more especially *cough cough!* now that I have a Mild flu. Pray for me...