Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stuff that makes me smile on a cold, Saturday morning...

I'm heading to the office and it is 0730 hrs when we pass by Traffic police headquarters.
Directly across its entrance is a Flora toilet roll billboard facing away from Nairobi Hospital. On it is this young chap in a white vest, wearing a crown...aaand he's taking a dump in the loo. The guy has this Urm-I-think-I-can-feel-one-coming expression on his face and it is simply hilarious.
The fact that my mind is replaying memories of certain storytellers, who shall remain nameless (I never said it was Ziggy!) narrating to me...nay, acting out the craziest bathroom tales is not helping me keep a straight face (fyi, I'm in a matatu).
The caption at the top reads: 'Comfort fit for a king.'
Now I never even knew there was a brand of Toilet roll called Flora and I don't think I'll buy it when I do see it. What I can bet on, is that it will always make me think of the 'King'. And the thought of him will leave me smiling.

Here's to a lovely weekend.  

Mob wendos,



  1. I know quite a few good kings who use leaves of a certain flower called "maigoya."

  2. *Grins* Now there is a vision...