Saturday, April 21, 2012

The one where I heart Carolkmail

"What do you mean Nyambura blogs? What kind of blog is it?" A pal asked last evening. "As in, what do you write about? Food, travel, politics? "

"I write about everything and nothing. The theme is, We're on a break," I explained. 

"Ahhh," he said nodding. "I'll probably check it out later."

And we moved on to other funner topics. Truth be told, the people in the circles I move in are not into blogs, twitter or even face book...they awesomely rock to a whole different beat...

Deep down though, I kind of hoped he understood what I meant. I sometimes have a problem being concise and for some reason, it was important to me that he (and any other visitor) understands that when he visits here, he's strictly on a chill out session. It could be a cigarette or coffee/tea break or a quick visit to the office water cooler. Hell, I even created this space while on one of my many coffee breaks and I write most posts while on various mini time I come in, put down whatever is on my mind at the time, have lots of ridiculous fun with it, then go back and get busy living.

The above convo reminded me of the BAKE awards announcement I had seen on storymoja's online daily earlier in the day. I clicked on the link thinking I'd find some colorful, creatively off-the-wall version of the people's choice awards (my imagination-it tends to do that a lot-had conjured up all sorts of stuff: a best cartoon strip category, short fiction category, humor, poetry etc etc). It was not. It is very serious looking...Once again, reality had decided to rain on my parade *sigh*

The upside though is that Carolkmail a.k.a. Kenyan mom  's super cool blog has been nominated in the creative writing category. Please vote for her. I just did. I luuurve her.


Well, I could tell you that it's because her blog is  like a cool, underground club; a place where you're guaranteed it will rock. Or I could tell you it's because she has a thing for empty swimming pools, Vision Africa, tea, headphones, donating blood, kissing presidents, potted plants (and they don't die on her), bad ass bikes and coming up with theme songs for all her visitors (now that's hospitality, people). That she's a fascinating mum to 'the boy' (fyi, little guy is into shaved eyebrows) and loved Battlestar Galactica...

That when I read her posts, I picture her to be kick-ass Alicia Florrick of  The Good Wife; very elegant, poised, influential, gets the job done, is nice to her clients and beneath the cool exterior, the girl knows how to let her hair down. I'm dead serious about this by the way. I even had to ask Sam Buggz if  she was that awesome in person and he assured me she was way cooler...maybe reality is not out to depress me after all...

Seriously though, I voted  for her blog because I simply love the way she writes. And most importantly -like the books I devour- I love how her posts make me feel...contemplative, bouncy, impressed, nostalgic, determined, beautifully buzzed...

Don't take my word for it though. Go have a quick look-see for yourself.

Mob wendos,



  1. Off to vote!

    Then I shall go to CarolK's and demand another song.

  2. Didn't take your word for it ;). Went and saw it for myself :)

  3. Now you are writing often which is good which means more breaks. Let me check out the lady's blog.

  4. @ Shikomsa: I'm thinking: Let's ask her for her playlist. Now that will be a fun way of glimpsing into her inner workings yes?

    @ Project 44: And how was the experience?

    @ Wairimu: Hey you :-)

    @ Cold Turkey: Yep. It feels awesome. In my mind it feels like I sampled that cross *cough* and kissed the sky...