Sunday, June 26, 2011

"What can I say, Mea culpa?"

*Brushes away the dust* We're in June? And it's almost over?...

Seems like I missed May and a huge chunk of June. Both months marched in, happened and left, but I'm a little hazy on the details of what I was up to exactly. Today though, feels like a beautiful time out. I went to early morning mass (for the first time in months), came back home, made myself a nice, elaborate breakfast spread (I haven't done that in a long while either) and now I'm on the floor doing repeat marathon sessions of Sons of Anarchy season 3 (there's nothing new in tubeyville to watch...True blood 4 & White collar 3 need to get here fast) as I try to put this post together. I seriously needed this. The time-out I mean.

The last couple of months have been crazy busy, from work to my private life, with most of it bleh, sometimes messy but unavoidable. And I got so caught up in the chaos of it all, I was left feeling like I was underwater; you know, like I'm closed off from the rest of the world and I have to put in a little extra oomph in order to feel like I'm moving fluidly forward.

But there was a silver lining to it.

For starters, I got to know a new colleague better. Those who know me, will raise a quizzical eyebrow at this as I seldom get chummy with new colleagues from the get-go; preferring instead to first observe and profile from a safe distance. It usually feels less awkward for me this way. Anyway, she's real smart. I'm not talking about book-smarts; I'm talking about someone who takes in the world around her with a philosophical mind's eye. She's also cool, with a wicked sense of humor and she's also a badass tv junkie. C's now gone back to our SA office and I'm already missing her terribly...

Then I made a new book bud...

A quick side note: My sister Vicky and I have this quirky habit of exchanging quick 'notes' back and forth. The notes are usually in the form of text messages (strictly no abbreviation of words that don't make sense or look crazy when chopped up) or e-mails about anything funny or crazy we observe, stumble across, or just pops up in our minds (and no,we're not on twitter...I have no idea why).

The sessions usually end up resembling the tale of the cat; where you'll start off talking about this cool cat taking a stroll and the peeps it met and what the peeps did...and the story rambles on, taking different routes, picking up different narrators & characters along the is only when you have to go that it hits you; 'Say, what happened to the cat?'. And what's even more fun, is my sis and I can jazz up the word play in any way we want (fyi, Vicky can comfortably do a whole convo in Harry Potter lingo).

Most of our friends never get it. They will be like, 'But you two were together like twenty minutes ago!' Or 'Why don't you just call each other? It's faster.' And our answer is always the same; It just won't be the same.

Remember how much fun it was passing notes in class? That's how it feels, and you can't get the same feeling when you simply call the other person...then again, it could be just me. Like I said; quirk.

Now back to my new book bud.

B not only reads more books than I do but he also has a similar soft spot for sci-fi, fantasy & YA books; savouring words with the same gusto and he's a Yoda of sorts. So we've been devouring books, shamelessly gushing about them and exchanging mad 'notes' on everything -from the profound to the fluffily fun.

It has me feeling like Alice down the rabbit hole. And I love feeling like Alice because it means by the end of the day, I will have stumbled across all sorts diverse perspectives that I had either never encountered or had previously stumbled across but never took it all in. I may not always like what I see or even fully understand it, but it is still a different angle. And it is a remainder of how bigger and diverse the universe really is. That what I know is just a tiny drop in the ocean. And always will be.

It's a humbling feeling and makes me feel a bit mediocre in the grand scheme of things. But it also leaves me curiouser...stretch out my tippy fingers just a little bit further...find out what more is out there...check out the inner workings...

The funny bit is, if this blog didn't exist, I'd never have met B, who was introduced to me by a regular visitor here. Guess I ought to start giving this place some more TLC...

So people, Carpe denim! (Seize the jeans!).

That's one of B's many parting shots by the way. I've already seized and put on my It's-a-beautifully-chilled-out-day-soak-it-all-in jeans and I'm loving the feel of it.

Have a blessed Sunday.

Mob wendos,



  1. Yep, you need to give this place more TLCs! It is always good to hang about people who read lots of stuff, that way they get to read on your behalf and you dont have to read everything...

  2. lucky you, book buddies are quite a rarefind, especially one who matches your taste

  3. Hey Ms Nerdy.

    Answer: Soon, I hope.

    You good?

  4. You are not on Twitter yet you like exchanging texts? I think is just for you!

  5. Carpe Denim??HAHA!!good one
    Yeah, you've been gone a while...but so have I.Blogger's block I reckon.
    Hey the Alice thing; totally true. I think its called the Alice syndrome if Im not wrong (maybe I am, maybe Im not, big deal right?)
    Which reminds me, you should check out MacMillan(the lib) Its gotten eerier since the last time I was there. Total rabbit hole experience guaranteed.

  6. @ Otieno: *Grins* Cheeky, but it could work. Though it would be like someone narrating to you a movie instead of you actually watching it...not as much fun no?

    @ WWF: Aye, he's godsend alright. Through him I've met cool cats like Wiselar, Mwirigi, Wamathai,Supreme gream, Mutua Matheka, Wanjeri Gakuru & those are just a few of his awesome tweeps. On sato I watched these guys talk about their passions & it was absolutely amazing; the air crackles around's like magic zinging off walls :-)

    @ Aloofar: Hey you :-) I'm all good; life treating you kindly I hope?

    @ Wyndago: So I keep being told :-)

    @ City cat: Hey gal, we miss you heaps...
    It's a lovely feeling following the white rabbit isn't it? ;-) I'll pass by the lib. I haven't been there in almost ten years! xoxo

  7. *sidles in and takes a back seat*

    Don't mind me...I have been here before. Hello people!

  8. I 'hear' the scent of competition coming head on my way, don't you think so? I should start reading big.

    Do good and write more and more...:)

  9. Look who decided to join us...hey sam,how you doing? :-)

    Cold Turkey; you've been gone too long. You good?

  10. Now you have just reminded me of my mom, she never has one train of thought you start with a window and end up talking about cows while I on the other hand brevity is what defines my stories ending up to being branded as a bore... :-D I never got quite to get how you can deviate from a story so much that the original theme is lost and it remains to be true, and am not insinuating anything, lol