Thursday, February 3, 2011

60 shots o' rum with Nyambura...

Shiko-Msa and Cold turkey have been wondering what's up with the non-writing...

Lately I've been in a dither about what to write. You see the little voices vacationed in Shiko's area code over the holiday season. And while gallivanting there they indulged in a few (and 'a few' is loosely used here) colorful sippy sippys, you know; the ones with the little umbrellas. And before anyone could say "Mombasa raha!" they all went toooooes up...

We've just stepped into February and them voices are still struggling to get rid of the haze. Shiko has been kind enough to give them a spot o' hair of the dog-disguised as a fun tag.

So ladies and gents, I present to you 60 seconds (ahem: minutes) with Nyambura:

What did you want to be when you were growing up?
I wanted to be Slash.Then I realized there could only be one Slash so i moved on to wanting to be a teacher. And yes, I stole the classroom chalk, wrote on bedroom walls and bullied the younger siblings into being my pupils. Then one day I watched these totally cool female Taiko drummers on Japan video topics (on KBC once upon a time) and realized I had to be a drummer...

Fast forward to many many years later...

I still worship Slash. And kids have fortunately been spared the trauma that comes from being taught by yours truly. However, I do drum. In my day dreams that is. And In that oh-so beautiful jam session, I'm Carter Beauford.
(to truly understand why I'm floored by this guy, go to You tube and check out DMB's live concerts vids)

What's the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

"...Have they chopped off your hands? Have they fried your brains? No? Good. Now get up and go back to the drawing board..."

What's the best piece of advice you ever gave?
Best? Sadly I don't seem to have an inner Sensei or Yoda to unleash on people...

What do you most enjoy about your job?
I could say that it has exposed me to the physical beauty of Kenya...well, there is that. And it's a beauty so wild, majestic & staggering, you want to get lost in it. But what always leaves me awestruck, are the crazily fascinating people I meet and even work with...their stories...their passions...

Who would you most like to have dinner with?
I can throw a dinner party yes? Cool. Now here be the guest list.

-Slash (don't get me started on him 'coz I could go on all day)

-Bill Cosby (Just the sight of him has me busting a gut...and he's pretty wise too)
-Vladimir Putin (Is it just me, or does the guy seem like the sort that eats and sleeps in a state of hostility? I want to see him in relax mode...maybe even pick his brain...)
-Hugh Jackman *swooooon*
-Cap'n Jack (yes, THAT one)
-Bernie Stinson (His 3-day-wait dating rule- because Jesus waited 3 days to resurrect-among other theories ought to be fun dinner table convo; especially taking into account who's in attendance)
-Keith Richards (Now here is a guy who knows how to create his own excitement-healthy or not. And I'll get to ask him about the curious fallin'-out-of-a-tree Fiji incident...Call me nuts, but that's the kind of stuff I'd want on my life's little happenings list at age 63...without the head injury of course)
-Shonda Rhimes (For creating the world of Grey's)
-Oprah (she'll get everyone-including Putin-talking and in line)
-Dr. Seuss (If he can make it in ghost form. He'll eternally be the most freaking awesome writer in my books)
-Jon Stewart (He of the biting wit and the brilliant rally to restore sanity)

...and no R, you don't qualify as a guest. You're always coming in through the kitchen door and peeking into saucepans anyway so you're practically family....

What has been your most embarrassing moment?

I'd tell you know...

Who is the most important person in your life?
There are several someones; family and a few friends who keep me smiling and grounded...

What's your worst regret in life?
There was a time I used to wish I had applied myself more in high school; from academics to the extra curricular stuff. Here's the funny thing about regrets though; I'll start feeling bad, wishing it hadn't happened or that it shouldn't have happened THAT WAY, but then I've got the flip side. And the flip side throws me into this totally different path that turns out to be a huuuge blessing...

Who is your role model?
Hmmmm...people I find inspiring...well, there is my mum, whose amazing strength I strive to have...
And then there's Gabbz. He's been my tight bud and neighbor since high school. He's got beautiful faith in the people he cares about, he's driven but doesn't lose sight of the big pic. Plus, for an awesome guy he's pretty humble...

If you could be one person for a day, who would that be?
Sydney Bristow. I get to be a double agent, kick serious ass while rocking crazy wigs and still get to go home to chill out with loved ones. Plus, I could always bribe the screen writer if need be...

And guys, Salt may be hot looking, but in a fight, I'm betting Sydney would wipe the floor with her. HA!

Mob wendos,



  1. Carter Beauford.

  2. Interesting.

    My area code has done that to you? tsk tsk.

    I so understand the swoon!

  3. i agree Hugh Jackman!!!triple double swoon!!!!

  4. There's something all safe with people who ever wanted to teach. You should write often :)

  5. i want to be a teacher soon lecturer that is, but i can't quite picture you as one

  6. you think different, fresh and i like your way with words. keep posting

  7. Thats a long list of people you would wish to have dinner with, seem like you put a lot of thought in that. I've not thought about that. Nice knowing you, does well for a first visitor like me.

  8. @ Shiko: Yep, they forgot they were not 21 anymore

    @ Yvonne: Now you're talking

    @ Sir-Nic: Never saw someone enjoying playing the drums so much like he does

    @Evans: you want to be a lecturer?!!! interesting

    @Cold turkey: thanks :-) And i will. Promise

    @ Anonymous: Karibu & Asante

    @ Wyndago: Yes, and you can imagine i practiced restraint.i wanted a spectacular gathering of characters who fascinate the hell out of me...come to think of it, all the questions were not as easy as they looked...took me back a few years...others made me reflect some.

    PS: You're all tagged

  9. ... Who's Slash?

    I love Bill Cosby.

    I'm also a drummer in my head! :)

  10. @ The Spinster; Karibu. Click on the link below. He's the guitarist with the crazy hair & top hat. His riffs give you lovely goosebumps. And he finishes off the song beeeeautifully

    FYI, November rain's my fave guns n roses song

  11. haha! me likey very much.
    hmm..."salt might be hot looking?" chica, if someone can demystify the myth that is Angelina Jolie then I will happily set off into the sunset. I dont get it-why is this woman considered hot?
    Yeah Sidney is the shiznit.
    I do get the Slash thing.Really I do.
    Considering I wanted to be a Sega dancer when I was little...
    Your cool peoples are.

  12. I made a bet Barney Stinson would make it to your to have dinner and date... Let me go and collect it ;O)

  13. hahaha toes up! I didn't know you like this ;)