Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Just Imagine..."

Ok, we could discuss the demerits of the 8-4-4 system till the cows come home so let's not.

But do humor me for a second & wonder; what if...just what if Kenyan Parents went the extra mile to nurture and encourage their kids to: be thinkers, creative, not shy away from hard work, appreciate cultural diversity & have a sense of responsibility towards community & the environment even if
(or especially because) the 8-4-4 curriculum does not have these as its core requirements...

Now paint up a vivid world where reflective thinking, creativity, action, service & tolerance are part of the lifestyle of the Kenyan individual big or small...

...just imagine...

Speaking of imagination, last night i stumbled across some pretty awesome (not to mention) sexy 'you can do anything with your hair' ghd hair ads. Their depiction of Cinderella & red riding hood as sexy, self assured beauties was cool enough. Not to mention the two had some to-die-for kick-arse boots. But what had me grinning were the accompanying captions below:

"Cinderella's a beauty, her hair all a-curl,
no need of a prince for this stunning young girl,
she's saying goodbye to glass slippers forever,
And running away with a bloke dressed in leather"

Ok, so maybe the last bit would make my mum faint...

And my absolute fave:

"Little red riding hood, neither timid nor shy
whilst straightening her locks, a wolf she did spy
but far from fainting or running a fever,
she started to laugh and pulled out a cleaver"

And yes, there's the dead wolf in the background :-)

Don't you all just love Orange's imaginary street footie Tv commercial? I do.

Observation of the week:
My sister vicky's take on Lil Wayne and i quote: "Hmmm...he'd make the perfect Kenyan kange"

Mob wendos,


PS:Currently reading: The picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde & Ink heart by Cornelia Franke

Currently watching & loving: Grey's Anatomy, Tru Blood & Vampire diaries.

Loved & added to my play list: "Down" by Jason Walker; "Try sleeping with a broken heart" by Alicia Keys; "Heartbeats" by Jose Gonzalez


  1. Very few parents think its even worthit looking at their kids work when they come back from school these days... I gues life is a bit demanding in developing nations so the entire educational burden is left upon the teachers who, well, have other plans like rape for example :p :p

    Anyways, I think the whole imaginary footaball thingy has been overused, ama its just the sam advert and they keep on showing diffenrt segments of the same thingy???

    Lil Wayne the perfect kange... har har, but I heard he shaved his dreads so I'm guessing he lookin a tad bit politer than always...

  2. hey you :-) i agree with you & i think its sad that is has reached a point where parents opt for the easy way out when it comes to parenting...coz they will be one of the most important influences in a kid's matter how hectic one's schedule is, that kid is deserves the best coz he/she sure as hell didn't get to vote on who the paroes will be so the parents better do it right by that child...

    Those teachers should be's just criminal...

    orange Ad: I don't know why, but i love it... it might not be totally original, but they took an existing concept and totally owned (so in a way, it is original)...i love the thot behind the kids' game not being halted just coz some tite arse adult took the ball away from them...i love the feel of the market; it has that African carnival mood to it...& it's simple...totally awesome why lie :-) cheers