Tuesday, December 22, 2009

7 things I'm grateful for this X-mas...

# 7. Vodka:
For its ability to:
1. Make me believe i can dance like shakira.
2. Inspire me to play the Air guitar as i pretend to be Slash & Carlos Santana. Disturbing, i know. But totally fun
3. Bring out my inner 18th century pirate (except i have better hygiene & would probably faint at the sight of blood). And yes, in my intoxicated mind's eye I've got that swagger down pat as i enthusiastically do damage to the wallet, throat, waistline and dance floor.

# 6. The Baristas at Dormans coffee shops:
For making smooth, hit-all-the-right-spots iced cappuccinos; my drink of choice whatever the weather. Hell, once or twice maybe thrice a week, it will even make my toes curl :-)

# 5. The stupidity of mankind:
You've got wars waged & injustices committed in the name of God and peace. Greed, vanity, obsession to conform & instant gratification seem to be the in-thing in our society. Then you've got our politicians (don't you just cringe when they open their mouths?), and the hilariously silly mistakes we make as individuals.
Those are just a few classic examples of why man is such an idiot. And they call us the thinking animal. But hopefully these mistakes move us to reflect and become wiser; angry enough to make a positive difference in the world around us and others can...well, become barroom tales & legends that go a long way into making an evening at the locals LEGEN...wait for it...DARY!

# 4. Pretty cool siblings:
We don't get to choose our family. So you're pretty much stuck with what you got no? So let me brag just a smidge by declaring I've got some pretty awesome individuals for siblings. And what's even cooler, i also count them as friends.

# 3. True-blue friends:
These are the friends who inspire & challenge me to be the very best of me; those who are a rock; those who take the time to ask "How you doing?" ; those who humor me when I'm being a total arse; and those who go "Your day sucked huh? Let's have a beer..."

Guys, my prayer and hope is that i can return the favor

# 2. A job that pays the bills & then some, good health and a dose of zaniness that is just right

# 1. My mum:
When you're experiencing one of those life's lows and someone out of the blue tells you "Remember you have a place home and no body will ever take it," You KNOW you've got a priceless person in your corner. And yeah, my mum's super awesome like that...

Have a fab x-mas all.

Mob wendos,


PS: I've just added Ozwald Boateng to my list of cool, inspiring people a.k.a "list of people i'd invite for dinner dead or alive". He's not only got the right kind of attitude & school of thought, but he's also a citizen of the world striving to make a positive difference.

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